August 2019 Catch Up

FOs (Finished Objects)

What’s been finished since my last post

  • Nothing. Zip. Nada

WIPs (Works in Progress)

Works actively being worked on – (not hibernating or we’d be here forever) including my PP (Purse Project or the project that is living in my handbag)

  • Spiderweb Skirt, Hook 5mm, Knit Picks Dishie in “EggPlant”
    This is my ‘desk’ project so only gets worked on in my lunch hour at work. Only a couple of rows further on. I will have to take another ball into work fairly soon though meaning I am about to start ball 3 (which is awesome as I’ve worked balls 1 and 2 twice due to me being an idiot)
  • Spectral – another 10 segments completed.  I’ve discovered I can do a segment in about 12 minutes and have definitely shifted into the second half of the scarf now – which is a relief!  The pattern calls for 56 segments I believe, but I want a symmetrical scarf so it’s going to end up being a Dr Who length of about twice that…

Every Day’s a School Day

What I’m learning from my crafting this month..

  • I’m easily distracted
    My brain runs off with ideas and gets to 90% then suddenly veers off and starts on a new idea.  This means that I have a lot of ‘not even started’ projects that I really want to do, but oh look,…. Shiny….
  • ChartMinder
    I’m always a bit late to the party, but wanted to let anyone who doesn’t already know about this little bit of free software in on the secret.  ChartMinder ( is a little website that lets you design your own knitting, tapestry crochet or filet crochet charts by designing the segment and then seeing how it works in repeats.  You can change colours, do repeats vertically or horizontally (or both) and set your ‘repeats box’. It’s really very cool.

Bits of Sheep

Stash reduction or enhancement

I have a double knitting workshop at the end of September – so may have bought another 3 Caron Pantone mixes for that…

Really need to crack on with some projects so I reduce my stash again!  I was doing so well.
MonthBalls/Skeins InBalls/Skeins OutNet Balance

Oh Shiny…

The source of my startitis – for example planned projects , inspirations or ideas that have caught my eye or subjects or topics that have snagged my attention..

I’ve realised I am pathologically incapable of writing a short post, so rather than have the really long, picture heavy posts once a month I am aiming for shorter posts of different styles twice a month.  The start of the month will be on something that has caught my eye (the Oh Shiny…) and the middle of the month will be the list you see above.

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