Pocket Notes

Pocket notes is the result of me wanting to look up information ‘on the go’ and away from all my resources and library.  Thanks to PocketMod.com who let you write your own little note/reminder pads I was able to create my own little quick reference/look up guide.  Now they are here for you and I hope you find them as useful as I do!

Knit Pocket Notes

contains: the Yarn chart, A needle inventory, a yardage chart for sweaters and variations, how to kitchner and on the back page a quick glance reminder of the main yarn groups and appropriate needle sizes.

Crochet Pocket Notes

contains: the Yarn chart, A hook inventory, Crochet symbols (US terms), difference in terms, Crochet hook conversion chart and on the back page a Steel crochet hook conversion chart.

The downloads are PDFs and a couple of quick folds and a single cut give you a little tiny, business card sized, book that fits in your project bag!  Here’s how to fold:

how to fold(or if you pop over to PocketMod there’s a little video!)