About Me

A secret scientist I frequently want to know the ‘why’ behind the how. Does it make a difference if my stitches are twisted? Does continental style affect my tension? do you need to wrap the same way in crochet stitches? Does the ambient temperature affect the inks in marbling? Can you use lemon juice instead of vinegar in yarn dyeing?

I love learning for the sake of learning (that’s a philomath don’t you know!) and collect new skills sets like some other people collect magazines or the latest models for 00 gauge railways.

My slight obsessive tendencies are soothed by having all the kit to do with a new hobby – and by arranging things in rainbow, saturation or hue shades..

Growing up before the internet I learnt all the answers to everything I wanted to know were pressed safe inside books, and I still frequently refer to books or seek the reassurance of having a book about something which I already know the answers.

While happy to learn anything (last year it was windsurfing, and I’ve been learning French for about 5 years) I tend towards the crafts, and have collected a pretty impressive skill set that means I can turn my hand to almost anything and ‘have a go’. I frequently have to not learn a new thing – or the house would be overrun by equipment that I never get time to use (Spinning and Weaving being the two current big ones). But I bet I’ll do workshops on them at somepoint!

This blog is just a place for me to keep track of what I’m doing and what I’m thinking. I have so many ideas and get distracted by so many thoughts that I’m hoping writing them down gives me some structure and lets me actually move forward with some of the ideas I have. To let me develop some into actual designs and patterns to share with the yarn crafting community and to share some of the things I learn along the way.