Knitting makes you less lonely

Just a quick post this week as I dash from pillar to post.  I wonder if there are actual places called ‘Pillar’ and ‘Post’?

Anyway, the BBC reported this week on things to do to combat loneliness – and top of the list was knitting!

If you want to make your hobby count twice against loneliness, then getting involved in the Big Knit with your local Age UK could be something to consider.  If you make a few hats (and seriously any number is gratefully received) then Innocent (of Smoothie fame) gives the local Age UK 25p for every hat.

That 25p is then used to fund befriending services which pays for volunteers to go into people’s homes and give them companionship, company on outings and a weekly chat to look forward to.

Each beginner hat can be done in about 25 minutes (or faster!) but there are some amazing patterns out there!  To make sure that money goes into your local area, see if your local Age UK is involved with the scheme and send your hats directly to them – rather than it being distributed across the country by the National Office.

Tonight is wet and windy – so my own knitted hat was much appreciated!  Keep warm and I promise to post soon!