Not much crafting this week, but lots of photos.

What a week!  It started, as frankly all Monday’s should, with a Piper Heidsieck tasting on the 40th floor of 30 St Mary Axe, more formally known as the Swiss Re building and colloquially as ‘The Gherkin’.

yeap, it’s the one that looks like a pickle

the views from the top are stunning (if you’re at all uncomfortable with heights you probably don’t want to follow this link to a 360 panarama at night…)  the third pic along on the top below is the Shard, the fourth contains the BT Telecommunication tower at Sunset *and* you can click on the image to get a big version that you can zoom into should you so wish!

Gherkin champagne tasting collage

Snippets of the Evening

(guess what I learnt to do today? – and how cool is it?!)

We had several vintages, a fabulous Rosé and a demi-sec.  The bottle you see in the collection on the bottom right, on the right of centre, is a gold filigree design that people in Dubai apparently spend ages steaming off and then wearing as a tiara.  I so want a champagne tiara!

detail of gold work

Of course the complexities involved in “smuggling” 12 glasses of vintage champagne past security on a Monday night meant that Tuesday morning dawned more than a little delicate.  There’s nothing like a 3 1/2 mile bike commute to help to clear one’s head when you have a hangover.  So I’ve heard. Didn’t work for me.

Anyhow.  Crafting  – that’s what you’re here for isn’t it?  I finally, finally finished my long relationship with the Honeymeade shawl (started October 2011).  It’s made from the fabulous Fyberspates Sparkle Sock yarn (2 skiens thereof with about 15gms left over) and the construction is really clever combining crochet and a form of tunisian/linked stitch/lacework…  here’s some photos…

blocking photo

MrTuesday was delighted that it blocked to a New Republic Logo given it was StarWars day when we pinned it out – May 4th (say it out loud, it’ll make more sense)


collage of honeymeade photos

Finally for now, here’s a sneak peak of the Hairpin top I’m making.  I’ve given up on the beautiful tunic for now, I’m really struggling to find a yarn thick enough so instead of sinking more and more money after bad, I’ve changed my sights and am doing a pattern from Issue 9 of Inside crochet.

hairpin lace collageHairpin is made in strips that are then joined together for the finished piece – much like you would make a front, back and sleeves for a seamed sweater.  However each strip is about 4″ wide (depending on the pattern) so there can be more of them.  For some reason this means that although I now have all the required strips, this really feels like a ‘kit form’ garment.  And yes I know you don’t get much more kit-form than string and sticks, but you’ll just have to believe me that this feels a bit, well, odd.

Hopefully next week you’ll see finished photos.  Right now I’m off to prepare for a Very English Explorer event at the British Museum tomorrow with friends.  If you happen to be there around 2pm and see a crowd of mad people in khaki, suits, Pith helmets and Fez’s (Fez’s are cool you know) then that will be us!  Wave hello!