It always happens in threes…

Well, ok, that’s not strictly true – in the last 8 days I’ve had 5 people tell me their are expecting a least one baby in the February – March period.  I am expecting another 1 to come out of the woodwork in the next few days so I have six (2 sets of 3).

Those of you who know me know that I am possibly the least maternal person in the world.  I’m a fabulous Auntie, and I love kids, on the condition I get to give them back again.  I have no desire to have my own, though I am of the rare breed that is perfectly happy to sit and let an expectant mother talk about the impending massive change in her life all she likes.

Of the five soon to be new mother there are only two who I would actually make anything for, and of those two I will see one of them on the 20th December and then won’t see again until June next year.  So I decided to make a baby blanket for them, but my hands aren’t upto my own pattern, and I wanted to try something a bit new.

I picked up some lovely 100% cotton by Vinni’s Colours in an autumnal mix, but when I started the blanket the short colour runs weren’t happy with the stitch pattern I was using. I put it time out, and a quick ravelry search let me find a much better match – but it needed more yarn!  I placed my order for a blending but contrasting colour and started again on a Chameleon colour change blanket and am much happier with the result.  Photos to follow!

the interconnectedness of life

this is a ‘hands’ update, so feel free to skip if you aren’t interested..

on the recommendation of the lovely man who did my carpel tunnel tests, I got a recommendation for a chiropractor and had my first appointment on Thursday evening.  After avery comprehensive question session, I was assessed for my posture (“surprisingly good”) and she found a few points that weren’t ‘right’ – including a slight kink in my upper back, a rightwards ‘twist’ in my neck, inflammation in the tendons in the palm of my hands and ridiculous amounts of tension in my forearms. (hardly surprising giving I’ve been ‘holding’ my hands in a particular way for 6 months).

So, she prodded and assessed and did a couple of popping and twisting of joints and I have my second appointment on Thursday this week. She made a point of telling me we were going to take it easy and she had done a couple of ‘minor’ adjustments – but that my body is so full of inflammation that even those might cause a lot of pain over the next few days.

Friday morning I ached in my hands and wrists (but I expected that) – but by Friday evening my hands hurt, but so did a point in my right shoulder blade.  By Saturday evening I couldn’t turn my head and moving my right arm resulted in crippling, immobilising pain.  Last night was ‘interesting’ in terms of getting into bed and getting any sleep – but I finially managed to find a position which wasn’t awfully painful and got some kip.  This morning I’m aware I need to be slow and cautious in my movements, but it’s not a 1/4 as bad as it was… fingers crossed!